School Readiness

Is your child developmentally ready for school

If a school start is on your child’s horizon, in the coming months or next year, age isn’t the only indicator of school readiness.    

Good question that parents and carers struggle with every year. If your child is attending a preschool or childcare centre, you maybe guided by their teachers to help you determine if your child is neurologically, socially and emotionally ready too.

There are four key areas to consider, in considering if your child is developmentally ready for school. These four areas are the resources needed at the starting line of school, to build upon these foundations, maximise learning opportunities, to thrive and flourish through their whole educational journey right to the finish line. Does your child have neurological foundations physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively? How can I tell if my child neurologically ready?

A quick checklist for your child’s school readiness?

Physically Ready?

Posture -stamina and endurance - Can they sit in a chair?
Motor coordination: gross motor skills – balance?
Fine motor skills – hand- eye coordination: hold a pencil; use scissors?
Self-reliant – to dress, toileting and wash hands solo?
Sensory processing ready?

Emotionally Ready?

Separate well from parent or carer?
Self regulate – emotional responses?
Recognise and express feelings and needs appropriately?
Transition to new activities easily?
How do they deal with frustration?

Socially Ready?

Interested and interact with other kids?
Work and play beside others?
Share, take turns and compromise?
Follow the ‘rules’ of the game?

Cognitively Ready?

Language – speech is clear, express themselves and be understood?
Sit and participate in activities like circle or mat time?
Make an independent decision and follow through on this?
Curious and creative with ideas of their own?
Listen and follow two or three instructions at the same time?
Concentrate on a task?

Do you have concerns …. for a little “fine tuning”?

If the checklist has flagged challenges in one or more areas, it’s not too late to wire and fire those neurological foundations to ensure your child has the best possible bright start.

For a successful transition and the best start for school your pre-schooler must be neurologically ready to learn. Achieving your child’s learning potential, builds upon the emotional, physical and brain-body organisation foundations laid through your child’s step by step developmental process.  A child’s motor milestones, gross and fine motor abilities (neurodevelopment or neuromotor function) reflect their overall maturity of their nervous system…and their readiness for a successful to start school. Foundations can be impacted be destabilised with the presence of retained primitive reflexes

Here’s a Low cost EiB Movement Solution to Get School Ready

After a quick assessment of any retained primitive reflexes& neuromotor organisation and you will be ready to start your home program. Your customised movement solution is low cost, play based, and takes just a few minutes a day.

Learning Success starts with Strong Foundations with:

• Move to Learn
• Reflex integration Massage and acupressure Techniques
• Brain Gym and Foundation Activators
Research based on RMT and Move to Learn has validated just a few minutes a day over a term or two can successfully consolidate foundations, integrate primitive reflexes and improve learning outcomes..
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