Evolve into Being Movement Solutions for gaining, maintaining or retraining:


Kooky Crawlers


School Readiness


Learning Challenges- writing, reading, attention


Poor balance, clumsy


Gross and fine motor challenges


Rehabilitation post injury, stroke recovery, ABI etc


Lack of self awareness


Anxiety, low resilience


Elder support

What is it?

Neuro developmental therapy is a non-invasive drug free movement based approach to resolving challenges experienced by babies children and adults due to retained primitive reflexes and poor sensory- motor development.  

The impact of an immature central nervous system can be developmental delays, attention challenges, immature movement patterns, and immature emotional responses and behaviour.

While its not uncommon for Its not uncommon to have remnants of primitive reflexes (about 80% of the population have retained primitive reflexes with little impact, however, for a growing majority this leads to developmental delays, immature neurological systems leading to learning, behavioural and emotional challenges.

More and more children are neurologically ill equipped to start school and as the learning load at school increases their rocky neuromotor foundations crumble – reward for effort is low, and this can lead to fatigue, tears and frustration.

Many of the learning challenges like messy writing, difficulty reading, funny pencil grips, poor posture or attention challenges can be due to an immature nervous system. This immaturity may have links to missing a developmental step like not crawling ( or bottom shuffler etc) , poor head control, aversion to tummy time and at the foundations of our neurodevelopment are the primitive reflexes.

More and more children are neurologically ill equipped to start school and as the load at school increases their rocky foundations crumble

Why do I need to learn this?

Movement really matters

There is growing evidence by revisiting the foundations of development, with sensory and movement programs such as the Evolve into Being (EiB) movement program, that consolidation of the under pinning neurological structures can occur. And the flow on effect is improved processing of sensory input, integration of primitive reflexes and with reliable establishment of postural the neurological system becomes more robust and agile. This maturation process of the brain is achieved through movement play and practice usually over the first few years of infancy.  Plugging the gaps in immature systems can be achieved simply through specific movements and play, and the learning barriers can be removed and improved balance, expression, and reading, writing can flourish.


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