August 24, 2019 – August 25, 2019

RMTi Level 3 ~ Sydney

Rhythmic Movement Training: Primitive Reflexes, Reading & Writing

Prerequisite: RMTi Level 1 & 2 

Two days to deepen your knowledge of the Primitive Reflexes and explore the developmental foundations for reading and writing

This workshop builds on the knowledge of the primitive  and postural reflexes of RMT Level One and Two with focus on reflex integration for improvement in visual processing for reading and developing fine motor organisation for writing.

 Discover the strong relationships between hand and eye motor development and postural control required for reading and writing readiness.

Consolidate earlier RMT knowledge, add complexity and learn more isometric techniques. We will review reading and writing in relation to:

  • Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex
  • STNR
  • ATNR
  • Head Righting Reflex
  • Moro
  • Hand-Mouth Babkin
  • Infant Grasp and Hands Pulling

And we will :

  • Add vision & auditory checks to reflex assessments
  • Learn more isometrics techniques for STNR, ATNR, HRR, and Hand reflexes

Topics include:

  • Relationship of retained reflexes to reading and writing challenges
  • Easy assessments for non-integrated primitive reflexes
  • RMT and isometrics etc to improve reading and writing abilities
  • More information and integrating techniques for the Moro, TLR and STNR
  • Head Righting Reflex development; role in postural stability and learning
  • Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) links to reading/writing skills
  • Auditory processing challenges and connection to reading problems
  • Hand Reflexes and fine motor development essential for writing skills
  • Eye & Ear Development & Challenges Neural Patterns for Reading

Early Bird $440 (paid in full 4 weeks prior)
Full Fee: $500

Repeat students are $275 


    $440 – $500


    August 24

    August 25, 2019


    Warrawee, NSW Australia


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