August 9, 2019 – August 11, 2019

RMTi Combined Level 1-2 ~ Sydney

Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflexes  

Three days of exploration of Primitive Reflexes and Postural responses, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), and integration techniques. We will focus on the relationship between Primitive Reflexes, and their role in the maturing of our nervous system for learning success, emotional regulation  and postural organisation.

Over three days in this combined Level One and Two class you will:

  • Learn easy observation and assessment techniques to identify 8 primitive and postural reflexes;
  • Consolidate the neuro-sensory-motor foundations for focus & higher level learning skill with RMT;
  • Basics in brain development for learning, attention and comprehension;
  • Learn 17 RMT movements and additional activities for integrating primitive reflexes
  • Implementing RMT in practice and as a home movement program
  • Precautions and possible reactions and contraindications and modifying RMT programs to needs.

Level One explore 8 key reflexes linked to the foundations of focus and comprehension:

  • Tonic Labyrinthine (TLR);
  •  Landau;
  • Asymmetrical Tonic Neck (TNR);
  • Symmetrical Tonic Neck (STNR);
  • Spinal Galant;
  • Amphibian;
  • Babinski & Infant Plantar


Level Two  ( third day )

  • Learn about 3 key reflexes for emotional development and resilience
  • Fear Paralysis, Moro and Babkin Reflexes
  • Review links between developing emotion regulation, Poly Vagal Theory and primitive reflexes 
  • Methods for integrating Fear Paralysis , Moro and Babkin Reflexes including RMT 
  • Release muscle tension and improve posture with RMT;
  • Ways to support people with SPD and ASD using RMT


$660 – $720


August 9

August 11, 2019


Warrawee, NSW Australia


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