March 9, 2019 – March 10, 2019

Ignition & Movement Part 1 Craniosacral Therapy ~Womb World, Primitive Reflexes and Creating our Potential

A two-day workshop in the first in our series for craniosacral therapists speaks to the parallels between embryological development and ignition and emergence of the primitive reflex movement patterns.

The baby’s early experience of these movement patterns in his vibrant and juicy womb world, healthy and potent, allow him to fulfill his three-dimensional expression in preparation for birth.

We will visit womb world embryology from ignition to pre-birth.

The workshop will be experiential and informative, and relate to the emergence of primitive reflexes, and the movement patterns in preparation for the birth process, and the adaptation to life in gravity.

Practical application: as the primitive reflexes turn up in clients you will have the opportunity to follow their emergence and tap into their potential through practical exercises and exploration.  You may recognise and be with those aspects as they turn up in your clients.

These workshops are offered in collaboration of with Evonne Bennell and Terry Collinson BCST, RCST, SRP, APAM

Terry runs a busy Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practice in Sydney and the Central Coast area of NSW.

Having trained in Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills in London and at the Karuna Institute in Devon, UK (1995/6), Terry was invited to train to teach the biodynamic work over five years with Resonance Trainings and Paul Vick in Australia and New Zealand.  Terry completed the Advanced Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Resonance Trainings in 2003.

All of her life Terry’s passion was to help and heal people and animals.  During her first year at University studying Soil Science she met a Physiotherapy student and was inspired by the potential for healing in this profession.  After graduating in Edinburgh as Physiotherapist in 1972 and for most of her professional life Terry has had articles published, presented conference papers and key lectures in Edinburgh, other parts of the UK, and Australia.

During her Physiotherapy student days Terry developed a keen interest in working with women in pregnancy, during birth then with new mothers and the newborn.  She continued on after graduation specialising in this field for over 40 years, teaching with the Childbirth Education Association and as consultant to the Nursing Mothers Association.

Terry is also a Reiki practitioner and deeply acknowledges her teacher, Barbara McGregor and the practice of Reiki to the beginnings of her consciousness of the metaphysical causation of disease, the mind-body connection and felt sense of how the body heals itself. This led naturally to the development of a biodynamic and resonant way of being in life and presence with the patient’s system.

Terry is a member of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT) and the Craniosacral Therapy Association, UK (CSTA) and is a Supervisor for PACT and the CSTA in Australia. She is Co-Course Director and Senior Tutor together with Brendan Pittwood as ‘Stillness Trainings’ in Australia & New Zealand.

Terry continues to be inspired by the profound nature of this work, in the body’s drive towards health and in its innate ability to heal itself.

© Evonne Bennell and Terry Collinson 2018




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March 10, 2019


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