Neurodevelopment Cupcake Model

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Blogs

If you have been at one of my Move to Learn, Rhythmic Movement Training courses or a presentation at for Childcare Alliance NSW or Early Childcares centres I have visited in the last year or two you heard me explain my Cupcake Neurodevelopmental Model. Yes, my first training as a Home Economist is not too far under the surface .

So why am I always on about movement solutions? Simple, movement is the key to igniting the possibilities! Movement programs like Gymbaroo, Move to Learn, Learning Connections and RMT all draw from the innate movements hard wired to help us birth and have our needs met safe while we adapt and learn to take control of our bodies as infants and toddlers.

Bang for your buck low cost movement programs to prepare for learning readiness and support and overcome learning difficulties. RMTi, and Move to Learn all start with the recipe, the core ingredients ( primitive reflexes and sensory integration), a good method ( Developmental Movement ) and hey pesto change, integration begin and organisation and skills follow !

if want to know how to support your child, class or clients flourish check out my event page or contact me for a consultation.

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